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Milton Keynes two MPs have paid a return visit to Western Power Distribution (WPD) to find out more about the future of the energy industry.

Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart visited a customer in the Furzton area of Milton Keynes to learn about WPD’s LV Connect and Manage trial.

The one-year trial has provided households with state-of-the-art batteries so customers can store the energy they generate from solar panels and use it as and when they need it.

At full capacity the battery is able to power an average home for a day, meaning that customers can reduce their reliance on electricity from the grid. Alternatively, they could use the power to charge electric vehicles.

The MPs were also given an update on Electric Nation, Europe’s largest electric vehicle trial. Electric Nation aims to develop the necessary smart charging solutions to enable electricity networks to provide for the growing demand for vehicle charging.

WPD’s Mikhail Prokhnich, who is leading the LV Connect and Manage trial, said: “We were delighted to host this visit. This trial will help us determine the feasibility of this type of exciting new technology in supporting the electricity network in the future.”

Mark Lancaster added: “We are a city renowned for innovation and I’m delighted that WPD has chosen Milton Keynes as the place to trial the project.  It has clearly had a positive impact on the local residents so far and I look forward to seeing the outcome at the end of the trial.”

Iain Stewart commented: “It was good to talk with residents partaking in the trial. Whilst it is early days they were impressed with the initial savings in their electricity costs and the benefit to the environment.”



Battery power is an exciting industry breakthrough that is the evolution to one of today’s most familiar energy saving mechanisms, photovoltaic roof tiles (solar panels). Fitted in a home’s garage, the battery stores energy and delivers clean, reliable electricity. Battery power enables households to use energy as and when they need it.

The project is now open to all households in Furzton with or without solar panels. (subject to a household survey)

There are a wide range of benefits for residents who use battery power in their households and for those keen to take part in the WPD trail. Involvement in the project will make a valuable contribution to creating a greener future. The battery power can also reduce your monthly bills! This is because if you are on a tariff that provides cheaper electricity at night, the battery can be charged overnight, enabling you to use the stored electricity as and when you need it.

However, if you are not on a cheaper night tariff, WPD will still pay £100.00 towards your bill.

Taking part in the trial will be for one year only and after the trial has been completed, the battery will be yours to keep, should you wish! Keeping the battery will enable you to continue storing and using energy for the longer term. Information regarding the batteries technical data will be automatically fed back to WPD from the unit itself. The trial will involve answering questions to us on the phone from time to time in order to see how things are working with regards to the project.

If you are planning to fit solar panels on your home at any point in the future, then having a battery in place already will save you even more money.

To get involved with the WPD Connect and Manage project, call us now on 01908 991 606 or email us on To learn more about the project, you can also visit our website at We hope you’re eager to get involved and reap the benefits of using battery power in your homes.

You can also find us on social media:

Twitter: @connect_manage
Facebook: @ConnectandManage

The WPD LV Connect and Manage Project is supported by Milton Keynes Council.



We are inviting volunteers to take part in an exciting new project which will enable households with solar panels to collect and store the electricity they generate so they can use it as and when they need it.

This free trial is part of our LV Connect and Manage project and is being offered to selected Furzton residents exclusively. It will involve the installation of a state-of-the-art battery designed by world-renowned brand Tesla – famous for its innovations in sustainable energy.

“The Tesla Powerwall is a battery that stores the sun’s energy and delivers clean, reliable electricity when the sun isn’t shining,” explains Project Co-ordinator, Nigel Rowlson. “For those taking part in the trial, WPD will install the ‘Powerwall 2’ on the wall of the garage or similar storage facility, enabling it start storing the energy generated from the home’s solar panels straight away. In return, WPD is asking for the household to periodically report back on how the battery is functioning via a short online survey.”

At capacity, the Tesla Powerwall can power an average 2-bed home for a full day and would cost several thousand pounds for the battery, which measures approximately 115cm x 75.5cm x 15.5cm, and its installation.

“This is a great opportunity for Furzton residents to get involved in a new energy innovation,” adds Nigel Rowlson. “Battery power is an exciting industry breakthrough that will help to ensure a low-carbon sustainable future. Not only will it not cost a penny to take part in the trial, it will also save homeowners money on electricity going forward.”

Interested in finding out more or taking part in our LV Connect & Manage trial? E-mail or visit to find out more.

Communications events giving full details about the trial will be taking place in the local area in the spring.